GAME ON: The Voorhees Trifecta

The Pacific Northwest is chock full of incredible athletes willing to hang it all out there to shred the biggest line, ski a steep couloir, or paddle some wicked whitewater. But here's not just one, but THREE young men who are making waves in the kayak world. Meet the Voorhees brothers...

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Idaho Whitewater Poster

Idaho Whitewater Poster

Celebrating Idaho's Rivers, this 12x18 archival print was created by us with the release of our new video Drifters: The Voorhees Brothers. Proceeds from the sale of this poster will
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Drifter: Stevie B.

“I think people are just happier outside. ”

Steven Becker grew up in the mountains of central Idaho. Inspired by his tough-as-nails dad, he's had lifetime of skiing pow, whitewater boating, flyfishing and living in the outdoors. Excelling at whatever he pursues, he takes what each season brings and makes it his own, whether it’s surfing on the coast of Oregon or riding a pack horse into the wilderness.


Men's Elk Fish T-shirt

Men's Elk Fish T-shirt

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Are you a wild woman or wild man who lives out of a backpack? Gets up at 5 a.m. to hit fresh dirt on the mountain bike? Shoehorns yourself into a kayak to run whitewater? Bushwhacks amidst rattle snakes and mosquitoes to cast your fly line? You are a Drifter.

To those that pursue the Drifter lifestyle, we are looking for like-minded individuals to share their stories with us.

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